REMIX is a Youth community at Overflow Church. Our purpose is to provide a diverse environment for students to renew a passion for Jesus, release their gifts, and reimagine the Church in their generation.


9:01 AM on Instagram @overflowremix

Teens experience God in a way that is relevant to their current development. Messages inspired from the Bible will captivate and push youth towards reimagining the Church in their generation. “ICE BREAKERS” are added bonuses! Come out and see what the hype is all about!


Coming Soon

Weekly gathering aimed to get Youth inspired, interact with youth throughout SouthWest Michigan, and become leaders.

GATHER Gather where youth are

We GATHER at schools, at sporting events, concerts, church, etc.

GROW Grow in our faith

We GROW in weekly club meetings through fellowship, worship, prayer and teaching.

GO Serve in the church and in the community

We equip youth to discover the gifts and GO be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Your presence and your passion to help middle school and/or high school-aged students get through these challenging years is a great opportunity for you to give and receive.

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