Freedom Prayer is a personal prayer ministry where individuals can schedule a focused prayer time with members of the Freedom Prayer team. Freedom Prayer exists to recognize and resolve hindrances that affect a mature and close relationship with God, as well as provide tools in prayer for greater connection with him.

This ministry uses a biblical framework to give the Holy Spirit room to address inner hurts and wounds, identify and break strongholds, and bring healing and freedom, all with the purpose of knowing God better (Ephesians 1:17). When we wait on him together, we can confidently expect him to reveal himself and as our hearts are tender and open to him, we can trust he will guide us into truth (John 16:13).

To schedule a prayer time, fill out a request form. Someone from our prayer team will get back to you soon. To learn more about Freedom Prayer, read through the testimonies and FAQ. If you have any questions about requesting a prayer time, please email

Freedom Prayer FAQ

Below we have included a list of frequently asked questions — read through these to get a better idea of what prayer times look and feel like, who is leading, and other details you may wonder about!

To find out more about Freedom Prayer — or to see if there is a church or organization offering Freedom Prayer in your area, visit