Go Bless is how we do local missions here at Overflow

B - Begin with prayer. We pray for the people in our lives and the places that we're in.
L - Listen. We listen to and discover the needs of others and the places where God is at work.
E - Eat. We share meals and spend time with the people around us.
S - Serve. We respond to the needs of others and help them in practical and impactful ways.
S - Story. We share the story of Jesus and what he is doing in our world.

More specifically, we use this vision to guide what projects and partners we engage with. Our two local partners are Mosaic and the Homeless Shelter, here in Benton Harbor, MI.

Check out this booklet for more information on the "B-L-E-S-S" strategy of ministry.


Have a passion for a particular project? Anyone who attends Overflow can submit a project application—guidelines are included in the form. To get started, email us at info@overflowchurch.org. We want you to be able to bless those around you and we want to support you!

Looking for existing opportunities where you can Go Bless your community right now? Email us at info@overflowchurch.org and we will get you connected!