Summer Six Pop-Up Supper Groups

Summer Six Pop-Up Supper Groups

Have a seat at the table!

With summer here, beach days call us, grad parties continue, vacations spring up, and it’s not always easy to commit to weekly Connect Groups. That’s where Overflow’s Summer Sixes come in…and they’re are popping up everywhere!

We’re keeping it simple, so it’s easy to get on board!

  1. Sign up in the lobby, or gather six (or more) people together… know and be known this summer! Consider inviting at least one person who doesn’t know many people or who doesn’t attend Overflow.
  2. Agree on a convenient date, time, and location (house, restaurant, picnic table.)
  3. Download the weekly conversation starters, or pick it up in the lobby on Sunday.
  4. Share a meal: everyone contributes.
  5. Take a pic of your group, share on social media, tag Overflow Church, and include hashtag: #myoverflowsummer.
  6. Repeat 1–5 throughout the summer, and have fun!

Download the Conversation Starter for Your Supper Group:

Conversation Starter: July 1–7
Conversation Starter: July 8–14
Conversation Starter: July 15–21
Conversation Starter: July 22–28
Conversation Starter: July 29–Aug 4
Conversation Starter: Aug 5–Aug 11
Conversation Starter: Aug 12–Aug 18



Missed the sign-up sheet this week? Sign up here!

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